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In the last couple of weeks, ...

ICDSoft 2021/11/02 11:17:12
In the last couple of weeks, we have been holding breath, as Zara from flyzolo.com was about to complete probably the most dangerous part of her route. She had already circled half the globe, landing on more than 30 airports, before reaching Nome, Alaska, on her way to cross the Bering strait into Asia.

Severe weather kept Zara in Nome for almost a month, but now, finding a tiny path in the labyrinth of high winds and heavy snow clouds, she managed to reach consequently Anadyr in Chukotka, Russia, and then, after a 6.5H flight in an outside temperature of -24C, she reached the Sokol airfield in Magadan, Siberia.

Our team is now much relieved, as winter flying near the Arctic circle could be quite challenging, but we believe the hardest part is now behind. Zara, we are with you, and we are looking forward to seeing you live in our home base in Sofia, Bulgaria! Thank you for being strong and brave, and for inspiring so many people! Stay safe.